Professional Teeth Whitening with Frankston City Dental

Professional teeth whitening

Perfecting your smile is all about building confidence. One way to do so is through teeth whitening. Not only does correcting any discolouration create a better looking smile, it also creates a healthier set of teeth.


How to avoid further damage

You may have started to notice slight discolouration in your teeth. There are a few preventative steps you can take to avoid creating further damage and reduce teeth whitening costs.

The first is to adopt a healthy oral hygiene regime. This includes brushing twice a day, for two minutes each, flossing, and using mouth wash.

The second is to avoid certain foods and vices. Foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, soy sauce, and red wines, are likely to stain your teeth. Sugar-filled foods and drinks such as soft drink and lollies can also cause damage and dislocation to your teeth. While you do not have to cut them out entirely, consider reducing the amount you consume.

Smoking is also a very common cause of tooth discolouration. Consider avoiding such habits to improve the quality of your teeth.

While you can avoid tooth discolouration, some causes are natural such as ageing, genetics, and the amount of fluoride in the water you drink.


Are you a good candidate for tooth whitening?

Keep in mind that tooth whitening will not work on everyone. Yellow-stained teeth can typically be fixed with whitening, but brown or grey-toned teeth often can’t.

Teeth whitening also doesn’t work on caps, veneers, crowns or fillings. While the process whitens your actual teeth, it will not whiten these, which may result in your teeth being different shades and colours.


The consultation

It’s best to talk to an expert to determine whether dental whitening will work on your teeth.

Before you begin the process of teeth whitening, you must book a consultation to discuss your options and how the process will work. Your dentist will give you advice about the costs involved, how often you should visit for an appointment, how many shades whiter you need to go, and how to take care of your teeth while in the process.


The process

Teeth Whitening in Frankston

Next, it’s time to consider the process itself. Frankston City Dental uses a Pola tooth whitening system to whiten the teeth safely and effectively.

The dentist begins by inserting a lip retractor in your mouth so that your teeth are easy to access. Next, it’s important to protect your gums from the bleaching chemicals. The dentist will place a gel on your gums and harden it with high-powered light.

They will then place a gel onto your teeth which is made up of hydrogen peroxide. This gel will be reapplied throughout the session depending on how much the patient needs. Teeth whitening session times can vary depending on the dentist, system, and patient, as will the amount of times a patient must visit.


At Frankston City Dental, we also pride ourselves on our services to anxious patients. We often find that patients want to fix their teeth, but are too anxious to visit and begin the process. Our dentists ensure that anxious patients are well-cared-for and that the entire process is explained to them throughout, beginning in the consultation stage.

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