Eat what you want and have cavity free teeth this Christmas

Dental Health Care to Children

Dental Health Care to Children

There’s no doubt that we eat a lot of sugary foods at Christmastime. From candy canes to chocolate to pavlova and other cakes and desserts, Christmas is a time of feasting on delicious, but often unhealthy, foods.

While sugar is a common core ingredient in many celebratory foods, unfortunately it can cause damage to our teeth. Cavities are heavily influenced by the food we eat and how well we take care of our teeth. Both children and adults are at risk of cavities.

Cavities, tooth decays and weakness are caused by a major build up of plaque and tartar, which can be hard to clean out thoroughly. There are a number of preventative methods of care that you and your dentist can take.

Preventative care

Preventative treatment is never a bad idea, especially around Christmas time when so many sugary foods are consumed. Although a busy time for everyone, regular dentist vistis and preventative treatments are the key to a healthy smile, as they allow you to avoid more costly potential dental problems.

Preventative care includes regular cleans, sealants, fluoride, and x-rays. While this treatment is recommended to avoid major damage, there are also some steps you can take at home to prevent damaging your teeth with sugar.

Fresh fruit instead of sugary snacks

All sugars can cause damage to your teeth, but fresh fruit is a healthier alternative to other sugar-loaded foods. and
cause less damage to your teeth than candy canes or chocolate would.

Sugar-free options

Another way to prevent cavities this Christmas is to use sugar-free options in your recipes. This
includes changing your traditional Christmas recipes to include options that are healthier for your
teeth. Using sugar-free alternatives allows you to eat as much as you want without damaging your
teeth; eg; Stevia

Limit your sweets

Since many kids enjoy sugary sweets, try simply limiting the amount of sugar that you and your family consume this Christmas.

Most foods can be eaten in moderation. Christmas is a time of celebration, so there is nothing wrong with letting your kids eat. An occasional lolly or chocolate

Although it may seem like advent calendars encourage children to eat more chocolate, they are actually a great way of encouraging the kids to eat sweets only in moderation. A small chocolate a day is okay if their teeth are thoroughly brushed and flossed daily.

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