Professional Teeth Whitening with Frankston City Dental

Perfecting your smile is all about building confidence. One way to do so is through teeth whitening. Not only does correcting any discolouration create a better looking smile, it also creates a healthier set of teeth.   How to avoid further damage You may have started to notice slight discolouration in your teeth. There are a few preventative steps you can take to avoid creating further damage and reduce teeth whitening costs. The first...

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why are my gums bleeding

Why are My Gums Bleeding?

Dental hygiene is a pretty basic concept in the world of personal care. It comes high on the priority list when getting your overall health in pristine state. Bleeding gums or swollen gums at any time could be a sign of poor oral hygiene or an indication of a more severe gum infection that would require a visit to your dentist for a proper diagnosis. Bleeding gums are caused by improper plaque...

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Dental Health Care to Children

Eat what you want and have cavity free teeth this Christmas

There’s no doubt that we eat a lot of sugary foods at Christmastime. From candy canes to chocolate to pavlova and other cakes and desserts, Christmas is a time of feasting on delicious, but often unhealthy, foods. While sugar is a common core ingredient in many celebratory foods, unfortunately it can cause damage to our teeth. Cavities are heavily influenced by the food we eat and how well we take care...

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Boy Brushing Teeth

5 Best Ways To Take Care Of Baby’s Oral Health

  The oral health of a baby and toddler is just as important as that of an adult’s. It’s best to start good oral hygiene habits early to prevent tooth damage and to encourage your children get into the habit of caring for their teeth. Here are five oral health care tips to take care of your baby’s teeth. 1. Brush their teeth Once babies grow their first tooth, it is best to start...

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Promoting Oral Health in Cambodia

Dr Julie Gittins promoting Oral Health in Cambodian Schools In January 2017 Dr Julie Gittins and her daughter Chelsea travelled to Cambodia with Solar Smiles, an ambitious Rotary project aimed at addressing rural Cambodia’s overwhelming need for dental care and oral hygiene education. On this trip Dr Julie visited Soksan International School, located in the village of Soksan, in Kampong Thom province. Prior to our arrival, most of the Soksan children had never...

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