Mobile Dentistry – Aged Care Visit

Frankston City Dental offers a mobile dental service to Aged Care facilities in Melbourne assisting those who are too frail to travel and visit their dental health professional.

Our Dental Treatment Planning:

Considers factors such as:

  • Patient medical history
  • Behavioural issues
  • Ability to cope with dental treatment 
  • Daily care issues
  • Oral hygiene technique
  • Saliva flow
  • Nutrition

What Happens Next?

A written quote for any required dental treatment is provided.

The Person Responsible and the Power of Attorney need to sign the treatment plan before any further treatment is completed.

* In certain circumstances, it may not be possible to fully determine the treatment requirements until after treatment has commenced. This may be due to:

  • An uncooperative patient
  • Poor oral hygiene

Occasionally, the patient may require medication or blood tests to be arranged prior to dental treatment.

Initial Consultation Includes:

  1. Examination of the patient
  2. Discussions with patient, carers, family, medical staff, the Person Responsible, and the Power of Attorney.
  3. Completion of patient related administration
  4. Travel to see the patient

Third Party Providers:

Eligible patients may be covered for dental treatment by:

  • DVA Gold Card
  • TAC (for dental problems recognised by TAC as related to a motor vehicle accident)
  • Dental Private Health Insurance

Before Our First Visit:

Please complete the provided Special Needs Registration form.The following additional items will greatly assist us in providing you with the best dental care:

  • A medical summary from your GP
  • A photocopy of the current drug chart
  • Current oral and dental care planThe Person Responsible (gives medical consent for the patient)


For patients who no longer handle their own affairs, we also require the details of:

  • The Person Responsible (gives medical consent for the patient)
  • The Power of Attorney (handles the patient’s finances)
  • Next of Kin

* We cannot see the patient without the permission of the above people.

On the day of the Dental Appointment

We would greatly appreciate:

  • Free parking close by, for ease of loading & unloading our equipment
  • Staff assistance to locate and position the patient comfortably.
  • A clean room with access to: a table or bench, a power point, water and privacy 


The patient needs: to have either a chair with head support or a height adjustable bed.

*A normal wheelchair is not suitable

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